Why Your Diesel Filtration System Needs to Be First-Class

Not many years ago, consumers considered diesel engines to be substandard and the 'bad boy' in terms of pollution. Today, however, these cars and trucks are well manufactured and considered to be equally as efficient as their counterpart. Much of this advancement has been due to new fuel delivery systems and technologies such as common rail injection. Yet, if you have this type of system fitted to your vehicle today, why do you need to ensure that you only use the best available parts and are careful during any renovation?

Good Versus Bad Performance

In essence, common rail fuel injection is a system that can deliver fuel at extremely high pressure through a series of different valves. The fuel is pumped to the injectors and then electronically controlled at each pressure point. When configured correctly, this will result in better performance and greater value at the pump with, crucially, far lower emissions.

However, when not configured correctly, the vehicle may feel sluggish, will certainly use more diesel and may actually fail an emissions check. This can often be due to the choice of component parts and especially if they are sourced from a suspect provider.

Valves, Filters and Fuel

Much of the delivery process is controlled by a central valve, which allows the fuel to pass through at very high pressure. This requires pinpoint accuracy and a very good seal in order to build up acceptable levels of pressure.

Meanwhile, the filtration system is also critical and needs a product that has the required 'micron' rating, as specified by the manufacturer. At the same time, you will need to buy your fuel from a recognised source and without any risk of contamination. If not, water can enter during the storage or delivery phase or seep into the tank due to bad connections, leading to problems down the road.

Refurbished Parts

It is possible to buy refurbished injection parts and introduce them as part of a common rail injection repair. If you do, ensure that they have been tested by a reputable source, so that they are up to the specifications laid down by the original equipment manufacturer. Otherwise, you risk poor performance and, ultimately, another breakdown.

The Best Approach

Common rail injection systems work very well, so long as they are well-engineered and maintained. Always buy your replacement parts from a reputable supplier if you are to avoid any problems.

For more information about common rail injectors, contact a local auto parts store.

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