Are You Sure You're Ready for Your New Boating Hobby?

If you've always wanted to try a spot of deep-sea fishing, then you may have been looking with some envy at your neighbour's boat. In fact, you've been ready to get your own for some time now and may have finally decided to take the plunge. As you have a heavy-duty ute truck already with its own tow ball, you simply need to buy the boat and trailer and you will be good to go. However, your vehicle may not be as ready as you think, and you should carefully check its capability before you head out onto the open road. Why is this?

Road Legal

As you may know, each vehicle on the road today has a gross vehicle mass, which is the maximum permitted weight when it is fully loaded. This information is typically stamped onto a plate which is usually mounted inside the driver's door. If your vehicle was empty apart from a couple of people in its cab, then it would undoubtedly be within its maximum permitted weight. However, if you load a lot of gear into the back, attach a heavy boat trailer to the hitch and take all your buddies along, this may be a different matter.

Careful Calculation

Remember that you need to take into account the number of passengers, the tank of fuel, all your cargo and (if fitted) an upgraded tray. Crucially, you must take into account the tow ball load once you have hooked up your boat and trailer. Be careful here, however, as you don't have to actually add the weight of the boat and trailer but will need to understand that your rig will exert a lot more weight onto the ball when it is attached.

Being Sure

In truth, it doesn't take a great deal for you to exceed those limits laid down by the manufacturer and enforced by the government. You will need to be very careful when you set out and before you plan your first trip. Take your vehicle along to a weighbridge to determine your actual figure, and if need be, get in touch with a licensed company to perform an upgrade.

Getting an Upgrade

When you get a GVM upgrade, they will fit a stronger suspension system to your vehicle. This will help alleviate the pressure on the individual axles and make sure that you conform to stringent regulations. Once the upgrade is complete, they will issue a certificate, and this is your proof that you are now in compliance.

Assessing the Risk

It's not worth taking the risk here as, in the worst-case scenario, your insurance company could deny payment in the event of an accident. If your vehicle was weighed as part of the accident investigation and found to be over the limit, you could be in real trouble.

Taking Action

Talk with GVM upgrade professional so that you can enjoy your newfound hobby with peace of mind.

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