Why a Battery Upgrade Is Always a Good Investment

Are you trying to keep finances in check as much as possible, especially when it comes to your automotive costs? You may think that you spend enough on your car repayment and weekly fuel bill, so when it comes to regular replacement parts you always opt for the cheapest option. While this approach may work in most circumstances, it can be counter-productive when you replace your car battery. Why should you think about upgrading to a more expensive version rather than downgrading when it's time for a new one?

False Economy

Look at a high-quality battery as an investment. The number-one reason for a breakdown is usually electrical and more often than not is associated with a battery failure. That inexpensive price tag will certainly come back to haunt you if you have to get the vehicle towed from an inaccessible location in the middle of the night.

Fit for Purpose

You may be casting an eye on the budget shelf at your auto parts store to try and find a generic battery that would work in any vehicle. This is never a good approach, as each car is designed to work with a specific battery that can cope with its demands. If you have a number of aftermarket components attached to the car, then this can be even more crucial, as the cheaper battery may not be able to cope with those extra demands.

Cycle Life and Date

Did you know that batteries are designed to be charged and discharged a certain number of times before they fail? This is known as the 'cycle life', and it may be a good idea for you to ask some questions to determine the life of that lower-priced battery you're considering. Generally speaking, the higher-priced the battery the longer its life will be, and remember, check to see how long a particular battery has been sitting on the shelf in the store. Usually, this won't be too long in a busy location, but the case of the battery will be imprinted with the date of manufacture, so you can check this for peace of mind.

Motoring Behaviour

Do you use your car for frequent and short trips, such as a commute to and from work? If this is the extent of your motoring pleasure, then you will be taxing your battery and can expect premature failure from a lower-grade version. You won't be able to fully charge the battery during those short trips, and this can drastically shorten its life as a consequence.

Best Approach

Always remember that you are making an investment in your motoring future by buying an upgraded battery, but don't forget to buy one that is specific to your make and model.

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