How to Ensure that Your Truck's Oil Filter Gives Maximum Performance

An oil filter is one of the most important parts of a truck whose function is always underrated. You need to have a genuine oil filter to experience an increased performance level from your truck. It is crucial that the engine is supplied with quality oil. Below are some guidelines on how to care for your oil filter.

Observe Regular Replacement

The oil filter needs to be replaced after your truck reaches a particular mileage. After the provided interval, take your truck to a mechanic and ensure that the filter is changed. This will ensure that the filter effectively removes impurities from the engine oil. Impurities affect the performance of your engine, hence the need to change the oil filter after a specific period. If you are not certain about the replacement time frame, then inquire from your truck's manufacturers.

Use Genuine Parts

You will notice that different oil filters come in the same sizes and sometimes the same shape. If you are an unsuspecting client, you may be provided with a filter that does not conform to your truck. If you need Hino truck parts, for example, make sure you're getting parts that work with your vehicle. It is important to insist on getting legitimate spares only. A filter that does not match with your truck will not effectively remove dust particles like a genuine product would do. Sometimes you may have to purchase the spare yourself and have the mechanic fix it in your presence. 

Use a Dipstick to Check the Oil

If you have covered a considerable distance with your car, use a dipstick to check the level of oil in your engine. You will also be able to tell the quality of the oil by observing the colour and texture. Once you notice that the oil has changed colour then you will have to change the filter. Follow these steps when making the replacement:

  1. Drain the used oil onto a container or a can.
  2. Loosen the old filter and remove it from the truck.
  3. Apply grease on the new gasket to prevent an oil leak.
  4. Install the new oil filter and tighten it well.

You can use the removed oil to treat wooden structures on your farm or apply it on movable parts of machines.

Use Quality Oil

The type of oil you use for your car will determine how long the oil filter will serve you. Use pure oil that will protect your oil filter from clogging. For instance, using synthetic oil may reduce the number of times you service the filter.

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