Why Your Vehicle Needs a Turbo Blanket

People who have installed turbo chargers and superchargers in their cars need to consider buying a turbo blanket. This article discusses the reasons why it is necessary to buy and install such an accessory.

Protecting Engine Components From Excessive Heat

The engine of your car has several components, such as coolant hoses and the cylinder head, which can be damaged if those components are exposed to the heat generated by a turbo charger over a long time. In fact, even the paint on the bonnet of the car can peel off under the intense heat from the turbo charger. The turbo blanket contains the heat within the turbo charger and prevents that heat from damaging the components in the engine bay of your car.

Focusing Heat Where It Is Needed

The turbo blanket also plays an additional role of turning that potentially harmful heat into something which improves the performance of your car. This is because the turbo blanket keeps the heat concentrated on the turbine side of the turbo charger. That heat causes the air there to expand a lot and leave the turbo charger quickly. This gives your car's engine the boost that it needs to propel the vehicle faster as the air undergoes combustion after leaving the turbo charger and getting into the engine's combustion chamber. This rapid evacuation of the turbo charger makes room for more air to get in and be directed into the engine. Consequently, there will be minimal lag from the time the turbo charger kicks in to when the engine responds by availing more power and speed.

Keeping Vital Sections Cool

The inlet side of the turbo charger needs to stay cool for one simple reason—cool air is dense. Dense air is ideal on the entry side of the turbo charger because more "raw materials" will enter the turbo charger for onward transmission into the engine's combustion chamber. The turbo blanket plays an essential role in ensuring that the intake side of the turbo charger stays cool enough for air to get in. Without it, your engine can run lean since less oxygen will be available to mix with fuel and burn to produce energy.

A turbo blanket isn't the only accessory which you should consider in order to optimise the performance of your turbo charger. Talk to suppliers about other turbo accessories, such as turbo oil drain kits, so that the turbo charger delivers the improvements which you desire.

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